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Outdoors, winter

What to Bring Camping in the Winter? {Essential Checklist}

As a trip lover and camping enthusiast, you want to have the most memorable camping experience this winter. If you want to keep your life, your enthusiasm, and your health in good shape, you must know what to bring camping in the cold and how…


Magic Bullet Blender Review – Is it the Best as Claimed?

Last month, I was in this same situation that you are in right now. Thinking about whether to buy the popular magic blender or another brand or maybe someone has told you about Nutri Bullet, and you have asked, “Is Magic Bullet Blender/Mixer a good…


Best Blender for Juicer – Home Kitchen Companion

It seems you want to start living healthy, and like my friend’s mom, you want to do everything yourself so that you would make it 100% organic and healthy. But you don’t want to be like Matt’s mom who has spent a lot getting a…

Outdoors, winter

Best Winter Gloves For Cold Weather – Outdoor Gear

Numb fingers can only feel one thing correctly, and that is heat. You wouldn’t be carrying a stove or a heater around with you to warm your hands in the snow, so you need a good pair of gloves to keep your hands warm this…


How to Heat a Tent Safely without Electricity & Also with a Candle in Winter

You need to make your tent warm in the winter time, I get that, and that’s what you will get in full details in this post. My team and I have done the hard work to pull this together, we will explain in details how…


Frog in a Blender – the Game, the Joke, the Drink

That someone is actually looking for a frog in a blender is hilarious! Yes, get a life, you overgrown prince pants (chuckles). I don’t know which is older, the joke, the game or the sweet cocktail recipe. Well, good thing is, I’ve tasted all three…