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NutriBullet VS NutriBullet Pro: Complete Buyers Guide

A famous kitchen chef once rang me and said (over the phone) “I have a client with me here who is asking me about the best personal blender to get. She is asking me about NutriBullet. I think she is looking at about four models.”…

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: All the best deals on headphones and speakers

Brace yourself for the most extended Prime Day sale ever — it’s almost here. Amazon Prime Day kicks off on July 15 just after midnight Pacific Time and runs for 48 hours, up from last year’s 36-hour sale event. Last year, we saw deals on Bose audio products, the Sonos One…

amazon prime deals

Amazon Best Instant Pot Deals for Prime Day 2019

The instant pot is one of the best things that people regularly buy every year at Amazon prime day, and this year own is the same thing, many instant pots brands are cutting off incredible amount on their products, we have made your work easy…

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Amazon Prime Deal for Student: All Bonus Included

Hey son, how are you coping with school work and all the expenses of buying textbooks and other accessories? If you don’t know, as a student, Amazon Prime Student is the greatest life hack you can ever have access too as it offers the best…

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Best Teacher Deals on Amazon Prime Day: July 2019

How will feel if you heard teachers were left out on this special prime deals day?. That will be sad, and for me, I will be angry, and I will never use Amazon or Walmart again. In case this is your 1st time hearing about…

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Amazon Prime Deals For TV 2019: (So Cheap)

Have you heard? The most significant price slashes on 4K TV of the year are coming from Amazon in the name of Prime Deals! I would recommend that you can break that piggy bank you have been saving for Black Friday deals as Amazon gives…