Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Wireless Speaker {An Owner’s Review}

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

This is a new era things are changing fast, the days of Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is almost gone, we present to you today the Ultimate Ears BOOM3, The Deep Bass waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

I love music I believe that’s obvious if you have been my blog reader for a while now, and that’s the main reason behind my upgrade for 2-3 which I never regret, so let’s get started with what you will get when you get a copy of the UE Boom 3 and where to get one with fast delivery and money back guarantee.

How much does Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 cost?

Well Incase you don’t know the UE BOOM 3 is like 30$+ higher than the UE 2, but I never regret getting it and I will tell you why.

The UE boom 3 price is around 140$-200$ which makes it one of the most expensive normal speaker out there, almost same price with the highest ranked speaker Sonos one that has Amazon Alexa integrated within and best sound.

What are the UE Boom 3 design look like:

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is a total game changer in the color-rich aspect, they have different varieties which you can choose and also you can customize your color to what’s really fits you by visiting their official website.

Like other old versions, the new version is cylinder look-alike with boom 360° sounds poping out. You can hold anywhere to move along with it but you might as well been blocking some side of the speaker, the length is roughly 18cm I can say I get the best sound by just leaving it on my table.

Aside from the color and great design, it’s also durable hard to get scratches as it was originally engineered for motorcycle jackets and fire equipment.

The part that really got my attention initially is the waterproof agility, seriously I can’t try that with mine but maybe you can with yours, has for me, am really scared to let go, although review shows that it can last for 30min+ in swimming pool size water, not that deeper version though.

Please be careful when testing that out, you can later share with me your experience on that in the comment section Bellow.

But not to worry much about that, because the charging area is really secure and even if you mistakenly hit it at a pool and it fell in the water it wouldn’t sink, I really don’t know how they design that, but that great work.

UE boom 3 top area
UE Boom 3 Top Area

If you notice the top area closely we have the Off/On button also a magical button Which had a lot functions like to pause/play/ and also skip tracks, there’s a mega boom app that you will get if you buy this, this give you the ability to access directly your playlist and switch and select music.

This isn’t working with Spotify, for now, iPhone users can take leverage of this feature for now till others too join them, but for me, I don’t really need those, all I need is boom boom boom.

What are UE Boom 3 Features and performance?

Based on the cylinder look shape it allows it to deliver the loudest, cleanest, truest representation of any music or video you are playing through this device.

The maximum volume is 90 decibels this is great but I noticed some sound lacking when I put the volume to it’s highest.

But at the middle range volume, it’s so mega, you need to try that out also.

The bass is a boom but you don’t want to see the treble part, they are a bit poor.

If you are not ok with the default equalizer setting, you can change them in the dedicated app – it comes with four different presets ‘The Standard’, ‘Cramped Spaces’, ‘Voices’, and ‘Bass Jump’. Switching BTW these presets didn’t have a much effect on the audio output, although you can create your own custom equalizer settings with the adjustable tuner – simply move the sliders up and down on the bass, mid, and treble tuners until you find a sound you’re happy with.

One cool feature of the app is that you can link up two UE Boom 3s for stereo sound – although it’s possible to link up to 150 Boom and Megaboom speakers for a crazy wall of sound.

To charge the UE Boom 3, you can either connect it to a power source via the included micro-USB or use Ultimate Ears’ own charging dock, which gives you a couple of different options based on maybe you’re on the move or listening at home.

In terms of portability, the speaker ticks all the right boxes: it’s light, easy to carry, and has an impressive 15 hours of playback from a single charge. We sincerely didn’t face any much problems with the Bluetooth connectivity either and found its stated range of 150 feet to be pretty accurate.

The waterproof design seems to work well, and we didn’t face any problems when am using it in the shower. Also, it has a fabric hook on the top of the speaker so you can hang it up while you wash.

Does the UE Boom 3 have a microphone?

No, it doesn’t have a built-in microphone so it can’t be used for calls or any form.

How do you charge Ultimate Ears Boom 3?

You can charge the UE BOOM 3 in just two way first is the USB Cable that comes with it. Secondly is Using the Power Up charging dock.

Also, you can also use any third party charger that might support it, but that might increase or decrease the charging speed because the charger is varied, so choose wisely.

How do you skip songs on UE Boom 3?

To skip any track you are listening to you have to Double-press the Magic Button to skip to the next track of the current playlist

When did the UE Boom 3 come out?

Ultimate ear boom 3 was released in the UK on September 3, 2018. But later on market everywhere including India on January 9, 2019, with just 3 colors: Sunset (Red) and Lagoon (Blue) Night (Black)

Final verdict.

All in all, the UE Boom 3 is a great little speaker that shows some of the issues of its predecessor, the UE Boom 2. With a wireless range increase of 15 feet, and increased waterproofing, it’s certainly an improvement on the previous generation, but Ultimate Ears still haven’t quite achieved perfection in the UE Boom 3.

At this price range, it’s puzzling that Ultimate Ears have not made an significant improvements do far to the audio quality which, while powerful, is lacking clarity & precision, particularly in the lower mids & treble frequencies. Has the function to change the equalizers settings is a nice touch however.

Battery life has also stayed the same between the generations at 15 hours, which seems a bit low compared to the Ultimate Megaboom 3’s 20 hours. Megaboom 3 is a fair bit more expensive, so if you are looking to save some cash on a portable speaker, go for the Boom 3. To feel the boom booooom boooooooooom!!!