Sizes & Types of Ukulele (Complete Buyers Guide)

The spirit of sound is so natural, that’s why we decided to share this amazing research based on real-life testing with you, We will be discussing in-depth on types of ukulele, ukulele sizes, brands of ukulele, and so much more.

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Different Types of Ukulele.

There are 4 basic types of Ukuleles Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. If you are planning to teach the kids I will recommend you buy the Soprano or the Concert size And if an adult wants to learn I will recommend the Tenor size If your fingers and hands are big You will be comfortable playing this This is the world’s most popular size Played by maximum Ukulele players in the world.

Ukuleles are sometimes made of plastic but generally, the everyday ukuleles are made of laminate woods. Some more expensive ones are going to be made from hardwood such as mahogany. The price range can be anywhere from $25 to thousands of dollars. The body is usually shaped in figure eight but other shapes such as the cutaway and the oval which is often called the Pineapple ukulele are also available as well.

Ukulele sizes with descriptions in TABS bellow

Soprano – The Soprano Ukulele Size

Soprano Ukulele
Image credit – Bestacoustics

For those who don’t know there is still a mini soprano and it’s officially called sopranissimo which is just (16 inches, 40.64 cm), as we all know the soprano ukulele is getting more audience has never before because of the real and authentic ukulele sound.

The Soprano Ukulele size is:

(20 inches, 50.8 cm)

Generall all small or mini soprano sizes start from 13 – 21inches.

If you have a copy of the soprano ukulele with you, you will notice it is made of solid wood while some use laminated woods

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Concert – The Ukulele Concert Size

Ukulele Concert Size

The amazing concert ukulele is a type of ukulele that is very easy to handle while using, not too big and not as small as the pineapple ukulele.

There is some electric plastics aqulele uke that was also good to handle which was launched in September 2014 but this concert ukulele we are going to be listed here suppase them all.

The Concert ukulele size is:

(23 inches, 58.43 cm)

Some concert size range still falls between the soprano ukulele size, that is not really a big deal the difference is still there, such as the up and the downside has different sizes and good in hands than each other.

The sound is also great and many people around the world also used them very well, its a bit louder than the soprano.

Tenor – The Tenor Ukulele Size

Tenor Ukulele

GCEA (aka C-tuning) is the great features that were with this Tenor ukulele, this allows users to have a tight strings ideal for finger picking and any application that needs a stiff response.

The  Tenor Ukulele size is:

(26 inches, 66.04 cm)

Its large size makes it convenient for those with big hands to handle, and while its tone is a bit deeper than that of sopranos or concert ukelele, deeper like a classical guitar, it doesn’t stray into a bass territory.

Tenor ‘ukulele is a well-known performance instrument and it is the size mostly found onstage these days. Many great players to make use of this while playing.

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Baritone – Baritone Ukulele Size

Baritone Ukulele

Now we have reached the biggest out of all, the Baritone Ukulele is for the pros and it requires some knowledge in other to make the tuning sounds great in the hearing, if you are looking for a mini guitar you can go for baritone, it only has two missing strings like other guitars.

This is the most popular types of ukulele out there, most players that know how to play some chords used this very well and it works perfectly.

The Baritone Ukulele size is:

(30 inches, 76.2 cm)

Unlike the most sizes, Baritone ‘ukulele is almost exclusively strung with a lower top string (linear tuning – low to high). This is the most standard ukulele size.