Is Gmail a Fax machine? No! But it’s possible to send Fax from Gmail. Using emails and texting makes sending of messages, documents and other files with just a few seconds and minutes’ and everything is at your fingertips.

With the help of one or two third-party services available e.g Gmail, Yahoo etc. You can eventually send a fax using your Google account (Gmail) without the use of a fax machine.

Send fax through Gmail

Once you’ve signed up for an online service e.g. Gmail that supports faxing by email, the next step is to compose your message and send your fax through the online service

You should know that most online services to allow a certain number of fax messages to be sent for free without charges, but you might need to purchase credits, tokens or even a subscription before you can send a fax from Gmail. Follow this few steps below!

How do I send Fax through Gmail?

1. By clicking on or tapping the Compose button. Create a new email message in Gmail, either within the app or on your browser.

2. Enter the recipient’s fax number (with the area code) in the To field, followed by your own domain fax provider. For instance, if you are having an eFax account and you want to send a fax to 2-212-333-6566, then you will have to enter as follow: [email protected] it’s important that you verify its exact syntax before completing this step.

Fax from gmail

3. In a browser click on the Attach files button, represented by a paper clip and located towards the bottom of the New Message interface. If you’re using the Gmail app instead, tap the paper clip icon found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can just incorporate the contents of the actual fax, which have to be within an attached file. Multiple formats of files are supported including.DOC, JPG, PDF and.TXT, and many more. Almost all fax services provider allow multiple attachments of files, the contents of which are often combined when the fax messages are sent.

4. Type the content you with for the cover letter in the message’s body, just like you are sending normal email messages. As with a traditional fax message, you can also include a cover letter when you are faxing from Gmail.

5. I think you are satisfied with your attachment(s) and your letter, click on the Send button. Your fax message should be transmitted immediately, but the speed depends on the third-party provider you use. To confirm the fax transmission is available within your fax service’s user interface.

I think this is very easy, right? Let’s know different types of challenges you are facing by commenting below!