I know for sure you will not like anyone else intruding your privacy, such as reading your private messages on Facebook or any other platforms, We create this article to make your account safe on Facebook, you will know all the places and devices logged-in into your Facebook account with this few steps, and also how to successfully sign out on all logged devices on Facebook.

Let me share my little experience, It happens to be that I went out with friends with almost an empty battery phone, before getting there the battery was empty and I don’t have the chance of charging, I really don’t care not until a receive a call on my friends phone that there’s an important message I need to check asap on facebook messenger, I really have no choice than to use my friends phone to log in on Facebook, To say the truth I forget to log out that day because I got carried away with the moments we are spending in the field, this really triggers me to find the solution I will provide for you also in this article.

Am sure your story cannot be the same with mine, But I am sure the solution I will provide here will solve it for everyone, so let’s get started, I will take it from PC steps, Android steps, and also IOS guides.

How to See Other Devices Logged Into Your Facebook Account

  1. Log in to your facebook account
  2. Goto your Facebook Account Page
  3. Click Security and Login
  4. Click on the “Where You’re Logged In”
  5. Now You will see the access time, location, and device of the session,
  6. Click the side Vertical … And click Log out.
  7. Or scroll down to choose Log Out Of All Sessions.

Now let’s dive deeper with real-life example and screenshot for better understanding.

How to See Other Devices Logged Into Your Facebook Account On PC: 

The first thing you do is to open your browser and input the Facebook URL, and then it’s essential you log in after then you go to the Facebook account settings page. In there you will see security and login, Click it.

log in to facebook

After getting to the Security and Login page if you check well you will see “Where You’re Logged In” below it you will see the See More Button, Click it to view all facebook logged in devices and locations.

logged in facebook account

This is where you need to focus your attention to the access time, location, and device of the session. If it’s tally with your logged details, but if it’s not like mine that I have no choice than to log on to facebook on my friend device, then you need to log out of those devices that aren’t your own, here is how to do that, Click the […] on the right side of the location and device you want to remove.

facebook login

After that, you can click log out.Facebook sign in

But if it happens to be that you have multiple accounts logged in on your account and you are not sure of them it’s ok if you scroll down and then click Logout of all facebook sessions 

logout of all facebook sessions

How to See Other Devices Logged Into Your Facebook Account On iPhone & Ipad: 

Open the Facebook iOS app on your iPhone or iPad
In the navigation button are click the more icon it’s like 3 (—) on each other.
Scroll down till you locate the settings click it, then click the Account settings.

facebook account sign in on iphone
Image cc: Imore.com

Click the security
Open “Where You’re Logged In” that show-up
Now you can view all your Facebook sessions, To log out of any devices Tap the X, Then you are out.

facebook account sign out on iphone
Image cc: Imore.com

This is the simple steps to see Other Devices Logged Into Your Facebook Account on your iPhone and iPad.

How to See Other Devices Logged Into Your Facebook Account On Your Android Phones:

Log in to Facebook on your Android device, Click the navigation Button that looks like 3 (—) on each other. Then click Privacy and Settings

facebook logged in phone

After that click the settings button.

login with facebook on android

Then click the Security and Login Button showed

facebook side logged in

After that, you will see the Where You’re Logged In, Click the See More to view All logged in devices

facebook where you log in android

Tap on the […] at the side

facebook side logged in

Then choose log out, in other to sign out on all the devices that seem suspicious.

logout of facebook on mobile

For more security purposes you can log out of all devices, but this might need you to log in again when you want to access the account on other devices that you already logged in

log out of all fb sessions

This is a full go-to guide to secure your Facebook account from anyone that might have access to it, to have a peace of mind when you see something suspicious we recommend you change yours immediately after logging all devices out.

Comment Bellow if you would want us to write a simple guide on how to change a Facebook password on all devices.

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