Just like me, I have multiple Google accounts with different purpose on my PC. You might be thinking maybe it’s possible to change your default Google account?

Multiple accounts might be a problem for you, What is really a default account? This is not the account I want as a default account, how will I change it? There is always a solution to all your questions.

What is the Google default account?

Google default account is the first account you logged in with. You keep seeing the rule in action every time you log in. The Google menu at the top-right also tells you the default account when you log in with multiple accounts. Google said “In many cases, your default account is the one you signed in with first. On mobile phones, your default account can be varied to each other depending on your device’s operating system and the apps you use in running the Google account.”  How can I change it?

How to change your default Google account?

The steps for changing a default Google account settings are as follow:

1 Go to Google mail (gmail.com) sign-in page (avoid using private tabs or incognito)

2 Now, log out from the current account. Just click on the profile picture on the top-right corner and click sign- out in the menu

3 Then, Go to gmail.com and sign in with the account you wish to set as a default account. Just remember that the first account you log in with will automatically be the default account.

Sign in the default google account.

4 Hope your signing in was successful, then that account is now the default account. You can also sign-in with other Google account; you just need to switch between them.

5 To add other Google account, click on the profile picture at the right-top corner. On that menu just click Add account. Enter your credentials to sign-in to the account.


Changing the default Google account is very easy, right? Just follow these five simple steps and get is right within a few munites.

Problem Solved, right? Are you facing any challenges, let’s know by commenting below!